Microsoft’s Surface Pro Copilot+ is the best Surface tablet yet

After twelve years, Microsoft finally made an Arm-powered Surface tablet that didn’t make reviewers angry. The 2024 Surface Pro, or Surface Pro Copilot+, is the fastest and most efficient Microsoft tablet we’ve seen, especially when paired with its Flex keyboard. The new OLED screen is great and its NPU enables powerful AI features.



However, these highly touted AI features are less compelling than the one-two punch of speed and solid battery life. (Note: this is what we most want for laptop/tablet makers.) You can use Cocreator in Paint to create AI drawings along with text hints and doodles, and the device uses Windows 11’s Live Caption feature from 40 can translate many languages ​​into English. . Nowhere to be seen is the controversial Recall capability, which is meant to help you find everything you’ve done on your computer through natural conversation. There are security concerns that other accounts can access your Recall data.

Unfortunately, keyboards are sold separately. Check out the full review here.

– Matt Smith

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University of Tokyo

A group of scientists from the University of Tokyo and Harvard University are investigating how to create humanoid robots with realistic skin. The process involves creating experimental machines that are part scary and part charming with skin like this laugh. Generally, the process attempts to bond the leather to an underlying layer like real leather. The technique is called perforation type anchors.

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Of course, the AI ​​nonsense will be associated with this year’s Olympics. Your Daily Olympic Recap on Peacock will let you select your favorite sports and highlights for the 2024 Summer Olympics, and AI-powered Michaels will read a personalized 10-minute recap of the previous day’s events based on your selections. To be fair, you’d be hard-pressed to tell the AI-generated speech from Michaels’ real voice.

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Amazon is hard at work on a new chatbot called Metis. The company uses a different generation model called search augmented generation (RAG). The RAG “directs the LLM to obtain relevant information from authoritative, predetermined knowledge sources.” This means that the model can use data that can be updated separately without retraining, allowing it to obtain the most up-to-date information. according to Business Insider according to the report, the model will no longer be for businesses, where it already offers the Amazon Q AI model, but for consumers.

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