Take a behind-the-scenes tour of Summer Game Fest Play Days 2024

Summer Game Fest 2024 officially ended on June 10th after a long weekend of game previews, developer interviews, and unlimited cold brew — but we’ve published our latest stories from the show this week (embargoed, of course). These were Matt Smith’s impressions Black Myth: Wukong and Sweet talesand they closed out a month of the summer’s biggest show with some juicy video game news.

no, Silk song did not make an appearance.

However, there were plenty of bright and shiny games at the show, many of which were available to play for the first time. Included in our hands-on and first-look stories Assassin’s Creed Shadows, Astro Bot, Dragon Age: The Veilguard, Kunitsu-Gami: The Way of the Goddess, Lego Horizon Adventures, Marvel Rivals, Metaphor: ReFantazio, Neva and Skate Story.

In addition to the playable previews, Devs Day, Devolver, Xbox, and Ubisoft held their own showcases full of new information and gameplay demos, and the big Summer Game Fest kick-off event was similarly packed. To list just a few hits: there is one the new Doom with medieval flair (and bare), Civilization VII It comes out in 2025 Slitterhead It’s building a great looking platformer called Heart Machine, which will land on November 8th Owner(s)and Fairy tale The reboot is due out in 2025. There is also the new Xbox Series consoles coming out this fall — and it turns out that Microsoft’s mid-term update says a lot about the Xbox hardware business as a whole, especially when compared To the company’s internal roadmap leaked in October 2022.

After E3 collapsed on itself like a sad soufflé, Summer Game Fest emerged as the home of mid-year video game goodness, offering a little more room for smaller studios and plenty of room to grow. At this point, four years of digital and physical Summer Game Fest events have passed, and the show just keeps getting better and better.

Find out all the news from Summer Game Fest 2024 here!

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