Elon Musk’s updated Grok AI claims to be better at coding and math

Elon Musk’s Reply to ChatGPT gets an update to make math, coding and more better. Musk’s xAI has been launched Grok-1.5 to early testers with “improved capabilities and reasoning” and the ability to process longer contexts. The company claims that now GPT-4, Gemini Pro 1.5 and Claude Opus 3 in several areas.

According to XAI figures, the Grok-1.5 appears to be a huge improvement over the Grok-1. He improved to 50.6 percent on the MATH test, more than double his previous score. It also improved to 90 percent and 74.1 percent on GSM8K (math word problems) and HumanEval (coding), respectively, compared to 62.9 percent and 63.2 percent previously. These numbers are a far cry from Gemini Pro 1.5, GPT-4, and Claude 3 Opus—in fact, the HumanEval encoding score beats all competitors except Claude 3 Opus.

Elon Musk's latest Grok AI boosts coding and math capabilitiesElon Musk's latest Grok AI boosts coding and math capabilities


It can also process long contexts of up to 128K tokens in a context window, meaning it can combine information from more sources to understand the situation. “This allows Grok to have an increased memory capacity of up to 16 times the previous context length, allowing it to use data from significantly longer documents,” the company said.

xAI did not detail Grok’s progress in other areas (academic scores, multimodal, etc.) where it may still lag. Grok-1.5 may not hold its position for a long time. ChatGPT 5 is coming sometime this summer, encouraging A set of features that “makes it feel like you’re interacting with a human rather than a machine,” according to OpenAI.

Currently, Grok is only available to Premium+ users on X (formerly Twitter), although recently Elon Musk promised To open up to regular Premium users of X. The company also recently open source After Musk, Grok is a chatbot sued OpenAI and Sam Altman for leaving the non-profit mission.

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