Wearable AI Pin maker Humane is reportedly seeking a buyer

More than a month after launching AI Pin, tech startup Humane is looking for a buyer for its business. Bloomberg. Cherlynn Low of Engadget AI described Pini like a “wearable Siri button” because it’s a tiny device designed for a very specific purpose: To give you access to an AI assistant. Humane works with a financial advisor, Bloomberg he said, and apparently hopes to sell for anywhere between $750 million and $1 billion.

The company generated a lot of interest and successfully raised $230 million from high-profile investors. However, a billion might be a big ask when its AI pin has been largely panned by critics since its launch. We gave AI Pin a score of 50 out of 100 overview for several reasons. He was slow and took a few seconds to answer when I asked him questions. The answers were sometimes trivial and no better than what you could get with a quick Google search. Its touchpad got warm with use, the battery life was poor, and the projector screen, even though it was new, was quite difficult to control. The Humane AI Pin isn’t cheap, either: It costs $700 to buy, and requires a $24 monthly fee to access the company’s AI technology and 4G service on T-Mobile’s network. In a post on its website, Humane said it listened to feedback and noted a number of problem areas intends to stand on.

Another special AI gadget, the Rabbit R1, at $199, is more affordable, but not cheap enough to make this category more popular than it already is, especially since you can easily pull out your phone to use AI tools when needed. Humane’s efforts to sell its business are still very early. Bloomberg noted, and he may not contract at all.

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