Apple’s Studio Display is $300 off right now

If you have one of Apple’s non-iMac desktop computers or a MacBook, it , maybe it’s time to upgrade (or buy a custom display in the first place). As the Apple Studio Display is currently on sale. It has a price For VESA mount and tilt adjustable models, both are record lows. Note that the discount applies to variants with standard glass, not nanotextured glass.


Apple’s Studio Display has dropped to its lowest price ever for models with VESA mount and tilt-adjustable stand.

$1,300 on Amazon

We gave Apple Studio Monitor in 2022. We appreciated the build and audio quality, as well as the bright and color-accurate display. On the downside, the monitor’s limitation to single-zone backlighting, a 60Hz refresh rate (which is becoming paltry), and a poor webcam were disappointing. The lack of HDR on such an expensive monitor is also puzzling.

Still, for those heavily invested in the Apple ecosystem, this is a solid 5K LCD monitor. The 27-inch, 2880p display supports 1 billion colors and P3 wide gamut. The six-speaker array supports surround sound and has a triple microphone setup for calls and voice recordings. On the connectivity front, there is a Thunderbolt 3 port and three USB-C slots. The Studio Monitor can also deliver a 96W load to your MacBook.

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