Skatrix for Apple Vision Pro now features room-scale mixed reality gameplay

Niantic’s skating sim Scatrix Pro I just got the update for Apple Vision Pro, which adds room-scale mixed reality gaming among other features. This means that the little skater boi avatar can roam freely in the living room, doing nasty tricks on your furniture.

Scatrix Pro was a First day release for Apple Vision Pro and co-developed with Reality Crisis, but a full mixed reality game was not yet ready. In the beginning, you skated A floating cube in AR space. Now, thanks to the advanced scanning capabilities of the headset, the real world becomes a skatepark. It allows you to interact with “virtually any object, shape, or terrain.” Who among us has not wanted to give up the washing machine and fall on top of a sleeping cat? It’s the stuff dreams are made of.

Basically, the headset uses LiDar scanning to build a detailed 3D mesh of the environment, which captures “high-fidelity geometry.” In other words, the skater must interact with an object that is both in the real world.

As for the controls, there’s a floating virtual joystick in AR space, but Niantic has also implemented 3D hand input gestures. The company said it “makes it easier to control your avatar while exploring new tricks in new locations.”

Scatrix is available for mobile devices, and Niantic says it plans future updates that “connect the dots between the headset and the mobile game” to deliver cross-platform play. The company will also continue to improve the physics engine to allow for greater accuracy. Scatrix Pro It costs $20 per AVP, however the headset itself is still $3,500.

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