Elden Ring expansion ‘Shadow of the Erdtree’ arrives on June 21

Elden Ring Fans itching for a reason to return to Between Lands (you know, other than being one of them) the most purchased games in recent memory) will be one soon. Publisher Bandai Namco and studio FromSoftware announced in a gameplay trailer that the Shadow of the Erdtree expansion will be coming to PC, PlayStation, and Xbox on June 21. announced the DLC A year ago.

The three-minute trailer is epic in scope. It introduces new locales and trickier bosses to take down. One looks like a giant flaming Wicker Man, the other has a horn-headed, lion-like appearance and the power of lightning. We also got a look at a gross, worm-like enemy capable of practically swallowing the player character.

It looks like there will be new hand-to-hand combat options, as the main character attacks the enemy with a combination of kicks. At the end of the clip, our hero sprouts wings for what appears to be an airstrike.

According to Bandai Namco, players will enter “the Land of Shadows to explore a new adventure filled with secrets and dangers” where they will “uncover the dark side of the story of the Ring of Elden.” $40 expansion pre-orders they are open and newcomers will be able to purchase a bundle that includes the base game. The various special editions include an artbook, a soundtrack, and extras like Messmer the Impaler, who appears to be the expansion’s big bad.

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