Samsung’s secret war on repair

Manufacturers may hate independent repair shops, but Samsung and Apple seemed to have embraced the direction the political wind was blowing. Unfortunately, . The details of the contract that the Korean giant is asking repair shops to sign include some pretty un-user-friendly rules.

This includes sending your information and device identification to HQ, including all the details of your repair problem. If your phone is found to be using an aftermarket or non-Samsung part, the store should dismantle it immediately and raise the alarm. This is extremely problematic and likely violates US laws regarding the right to use third-party parts for repairs.

Repairman at iFixit around the same time. iFixit said there were irreconcilable differences between the pair’s philosophies, such as the high cost of replacement parts and the largely unrepairable nature of Samsung phones.

– Dan Cooper

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The Department of Justice and 30 state and district attorneys general dumped a huge pile of legal documents on the desk of Ticketmaster owner Live Nation. . And if this claim is indeed due to the problems people are having trying to get tickets to Taylor Swift’s Era tour, we all know who to thank when Live Nation goes bust.

Image of Spotify's Car itemImage of Spotify's Car item

Billy Steele for Engadget

Spotify’s Car Thing, the hardware product that brings streaming audio to lesser-equipped cars, will soon be gone. . If you bought a Car Thing for less than $90 before it’s discontinued in 2022, there’s not much you can do about it.

Photo of Kobo ClaraPhoto of Kobo Clara

Amy Skorheim for Engadget

Color e-readers aren’t new, but Kobo managed to beat Amazon to the punch with its Clara Color. . Unfortunately, the downside is the same as always: It’s not a Kindle, and so you’re missing out on the breadth of Amazon’s library.

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