Overwatch 2 players won’t have to pay or grind through a battle pass to unlock new heroes

Blizzard to unlock new heroes Overwatch 2. This is big news because players complain regularly in a live service shooter. Currently, people get new heroes by paying and grinding for a battle ticket, buying them outright, or waiting until they are offered as a reward for winning a certain number of games. That changes with the upcoming 10th season, as the company will make new and old heroes available to all players for free.

This doesn’t just apply to Venture, the new hero created for season 10, but to all of the game’s previously released heroes, such as Mauga, Illari, Sojourn, and Lifeweaver, among others. New players will still have to complete the intro, but “once the heroes from the original Overwatch roster unlocked, all Overwatch 2 heroes will also be available.”

This will even apply to future heroes. All list Overwatch 2 When season 10 officially launches in April, the characters will be playable in all game modes.

This is a change to how the game handles combat transitions, as director Aaron Keller suggested in a video. Blizzard will also begin selling mythic skins that were previously only available with a paid battle pass, though pricing and availability are still up in the air.

Additionally, Overwatch Coins, the game’s dominant currency, will soon be easier to earn. Currently, people collect money by logging into the premium battle pass, completing weekly tasks or buying them outright. In season 10, they will be available on the free tracks of the game’s battle pass system. Fans will be able to earn between 540 and 600 per season.

Finally, there is one new in-game competition It was called Clash . In this team-based PvP mode, there are five points lined up in a row, and the first team to collect all five points or reach the maximum score wins. It looks like the full Clash mode won’t launch alongside season 10, but it will arrive later this year and will include two custom maps.

Blizzard previewed season 11 today, which will include the new Push map set in Peru, as well as a revised version of the Rome-based Colosseo map, which is slated for later this year.

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