Comcast’s bundle of Netflix, Apple TV+ and Peacock Premium costs $15 per month

Comcast didn’t wait long to reveal how much or when Xfinity users can sign up for it. Announced a week ago, the StreamSaver package will cost you $15 a month .

However, you may not get the best version of all services. Included in the package and , both of which include advertising. This Netflix tier also only supports HD streaming, not 4K. There is only one layer available and this includes 4K streams.

In any case, given that Peacock Premium will increase from $2 to $8 per month in July, the bundle will save you $10 per month compared to signing up for these services separately. Netflix Basic with ads is $7 a month, and Apple TV+ is $10.

If you want to register (which includes over 60 linear streaming channels like AMC and the History Channel), you can also add it to StreamSaver. Like cable, the StreamSaver Now package is $30 per month. A single TV now typically costs $20 a month, though Peacock Premium is included.

It’s the latest example of streaming competitors coming together to offer their services at a lower price, but Comcast Max takes a hit from Disney+ and Hulu. That package is set to arrive this summer.

In the meantime, a pack is coming together coming later this year. That was the name of the joint venture Like Venu Sports.

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