Annual subscriptions to Max are currently 40 percent off

If you are willing to commit one year Max, you can do it with a 40 percent discount. Right now, every tier of the streaming service is on sale — including an ad-free, 4K version for $140 a year, which works out to $12 a month instead of the usual $20 a month. The cheapest subsidy is ad-supported and costs $5.83 per month, as opposed to $70 annually or $10. Between the two is an ad-free tier Without 4K support that would cost $105 per year when you would normally pay $192 for 12 months.


Annual subscriptions are currently 40 percent off for new and some existing subscribers.

$70 max

The deal is open to all new subscribers. Existing subscribers who purchase their service directly from can also benefit from this. You can also get a discount if you’re a returning subscriber and have previously gone through, the Apple App Store, or Google Play. Unfortunately, only new subscribers through Fire TV are eligible. The deal is timed to coincide with March Madness promotions, as Max will broadcast all 2024 Division I NCAA men’s basketball championship games live. other live sports.

For those who don’t remember, Max is the name given to streaming is a connecting service HBO programming with Discovery+ content. While the name may be less memorableConsolidating the two services means reading more content from brands like HGTV and the Food Network, plus higher HBO rates Our last and A true detective. This is where you can find it Studio Ghibli movies and A24 movies. in addition Our Flag Means Death, was fantastic even though it was cancelled. There’s a reason we call Max one of them best streaming services there.

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