Microsoft unveils Copilot for Teams

This year Create an event, Microsoft announced Team Copilot, and as you can probably guess from the name, it’s a variant of the company’s AI tool that can cater to the needs of a group of users. The company’s announcement says it’s expanding Copilot’s capabilities beyond a personal assistant, so it can serve an entire team, a department, or even an entire organization. The new tool is designed to free up staff for time-consuming tasks such as managing meeting agendas and deleting minutes that group members can edit as needed.

For teams, the new Copilot can also serve as a meeting moderator by summarizing important information for latecomers (or for after-the-fact reference) and answering questions. Finally, he can create and assign tasks in the Planner, track their due dates, and notify team members when they need to contribute or review a particular task. The company’s customers who pay for a Copilot license in Microsoft 365 will be able to preview these features starting later this year.

In addition to Team Copilot, Microsoft also announced new ways for customers to customize its AI assistant. In Copilot Studio, users will be able to create custom Copilots in SharePoint so users can get the information they need faster, as well as create custom Copilots that act as agents. The latter will allow companies and business owners to automate business processes such as order fulfillment. Finally, the debut of Copilot connectors in Studio will make it easier for developers to create Copilot extensions that can customize the actions of AI tools.

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