Ubisoft’s planned free-to-play Division game is dead

More than three years ago, announced free-to-play entry in the survival-action shooter series. At that time, he that Heartland It was supposed to come in 2021 or 2022, but it never happened. Actually, in fact, Heartland it never comes out.

In it , Ubisoft said that the development of the game, which was worked on by Red Storm Entertainment, a studio co-founded by author Tom Clancy, has come to an end. Ubisoft is shifting resources to what it calls “larger opportunities,” including other aspects in and series.

Ubisoft has canceled a number of games over the past few years to streamline its pipeline and cut costs. He noted that within 18 months, he reduced the number of employees by more than 1,700 employees and had 19,011 employees at the end of March.

The company also provided an update on its overall strategy. It plans to focus on two main pillars: open=world titles (eg and ) and ongoing live service games (XDefiant and Rainbow Six Siege). Ubisoft sees room for growth, so expect more Far Cry and Ghost Recon titles in the coming years.

As for the near future, we will learn the latest information about the likes AC Shadows, Star Wars Bans, (should finally arrive in September)Division Resurgence and XDefiant hour .

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