The official Xbox controller is on sale for $44

Having an extra controller on hand is rarely a bad idea. It’s always nice to be able to switch to another gamepad when the battery runs out, and you don’t want to be caught short when a friend wants to join you in a local multiplayer game. It’s also useful to be able to throw an extra controller and phone clip in your bag for cloud gaming. So you may be pleased to learn that the officer is on sale. Its value has decreased to 44 dollars , and options and in For $49.

The price hasn’t reached the previous record low of $39, but it’s still a decent deal. The peripheral usually sells for $60.

Designed for the latest version of the controller It retains the layout that Xbox fans have grown accustomed to over the past two decades. The face buttons and triggers are responsive and the joysticks are smooth. Although there are no adaptive triggers and immersive haptics The Xbox Controller’s d-pad is clickier than the DualSense’s.

The peripheral also easily connects to Windows PCs, phones and tablets via Bluetooth, and a dedicated Share button is handy for capturing screenshots and game clips. One thing worth remembering is that the Xbox controller runs on AA batteries. So if you don’t want to change batteries regularly, it might be worth picking up a set of batteries. or a .

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