Threads search will finally be usable with ‘recent’ tab rollout

Threads is getting closer and closer to becoming a truly useful source for real-time news and updates. The app finally offers the ability to search for posts in chronological order later on feature last month.

Instagram’s Adam Mosseri wrote: “We’re introducing a Recent tab for your searches to make it easier to find timely, relevant content across topics.” . “Search results here are still rated for quality, but you can now see them in chronological order.”

The change has long been requested by users who hope the Meta app will one day become a source of breaking news and real-time information the way Twitter has historically worked. Being able to search for topics and keywords and find the latest results is key to finding up-to-date details and commentary on the latest news, sports and everything happening in real time.

On the other hand, Meta has also announced that it will prioritize “news” for Threads recognition. Mosseri said Threads and his company don’t want to actively “concentrate” hard news. political content. Threads’ default “for you” algorithm is also known for uncovering days-old posts, random personal stories, and other content that isn’t exactly timely.

It’s also worth noting that Threads’ new search filter is not the same as the “latest” search filter in X. As Mosseri points out in his post, Meta still hides an unknown number of “rated” posts in search results. for quality,” so the Threads search will never come up all from posts containing your search terms. But being able to find posts that are at least a few days old should make searching for timely information much less frustrating.

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