Animal Well speedrunners are already beating the game in under five minutes

Animal Well one of the hottest games around. He fired quickly At the top of Steam’s bestseller chart after release glowing reviews last Thursday.

Most players complete the main story four to six hours, it didn’t take long to figure out how speedrunners would ignite solo developer Billy Basso’s spooky maze. YouTubers are already uploading footage of less than five minutes, and any % record (i.e. the best recorded time with no limit) is repeatedly destroyed.

He claims the world record with Hubert0987 in a few hours Thursday’s 4:44 runDemonSlayer6669 was 18 seconds faster and maybe missed out on bragging rights. first recorded sub-4:30 time. (If you haven’t beaten the game and want to avoid spoilers, don’t watch the video yet.)

Animal Well it hasn’t been out for a week, so you can expect the records to drop as runners optimize their routes into the final piston of the game. It’s great to see a fast-paced community forming around a new game as skilled players get a chance to showcase their skills, perhaps in the next big game. Games Done Quick event.

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