X now treats the term cisgender as a slur

The increasingly discriminatory X (Twitter) now considers the term “cisgender” a slur. Owner Elon Musk placed In June of last year, his fan brigade cheered that ‘cis’ or ‘cisgender’ was considered evil on this platform.” On Tuesday, X improved upon the position of the regressive provocateur and reported It began publishing an official warning that LGBTQ-inclusive terms could result in a ban from the platform. Not that you’ll miss it much.

TechCrunch informed When you try to post using the terms “cisgender” or “cis” on the X mobile app on Tuesday, a full-screen warning will pop up reading: “This post contains language that may be considered offensive and may be used by X in a harmful manner in violation of our rules.” Then it gives you the option to continue posting or adapt to the backlash from the worst of us and delete it.

Of course, no form of the term cisgender is a stigma.

As the historically marginalized transgender community finally began to find at least a modicum of widespread and long-overdue social acceptance in the 21st century, the term became increasingly used in the native lexicon to describe people whose gender identity matched their gender at birth. Organizations including the American Psychological Association, the World Health Organization, the American Medical Association, and the American Psychiatric Association recognize the term.

However, some people find it difficult to accept and respect that some people are different from others. Those who dream (against all evidence and scientific consensus) that the heteronormative ideals they grew up with are absolute gospel sometimes take great offense when asked to adjust their vocabulary to respect a community that has been forced to live in the shadows or at risk for centuries. safety due to the extensive pathologizing of their personalities.

Musk considers those days good.

This isn’t the billionaire’s first ride on the Transphobe Train. After his retrograde tweet last June (on the first day of Pride Month, no less), Edgelord’s platform ran away a timeline takeover ad for a right-wing non-profit closing a transphobic propaganda film. If you’re wondering if the group has anything worthwhile to say, TechCrunch notes that the same organization also doubts climate change and downplays the inhumane atrocities of slavery.

X also reversed the policy coursewas implemented long ago Capturing the maskit banned the labeling or misgendering of transgender people.

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