iOS 17.4 is here, enabling third-party app stores in the EU

Apple has released updates for many operating systems, and none are more impactful than the changes to iOS — at least in the European Union. With the arrival of iOS 17.4, Apple is following strict new rules on the block when it comes to the App Store. Now Apple officially supports third-party app stores On iPhones in the EU, developers can offer third-party payment options. Web browser makers no longer have to base their apps on Apple’s WebKit, and Apple is opening up the NFC chip for wireless payments that have nothing to do with Apple Pay.

While these game-changing updates are limited to the EU, iOS 17.4 has some great new features for people elsewhere. Now on Apple Podcasts offers automatic transcription in English, Spanish, French and German. The text will be highlighted in sync with the audio to make it easier to follow. At some point, you’ll be able to search for text and tap it to start playing the audio.

Elsewhere, there are a number of new emojis for you to enjoy. These include mushrooms, phoenixes, limes, broken chains, and shaking heads. Apple has also updated 18 people and body emojis so you can face them both ways.

It applies to features like other updates battery healthSiri (with the ability to read received messages in any supported language), stolen device protection and Virtual card numbers for Apple Cash. Thanks to the Caller ID update, you’ll see Apple’s name, logo, and department title during Apple-approved business calls. There are also a number of bug fixes.

Along with iOS 17.4, Apple also released iPadOS 17.4, which has many of the same changes, including updates to the App Store to comply with EU requirements. Digital Markets Act. The company is also expected to release visionOS 1.1 (for Apple Vision Pro), macOS 14.4, watchOS 10.4 and HomePod 17.4 soon.

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