TikTok will automatically label more AI-generated content in its app

TikTok is stepping up efforts to automatically tag AI-generated content on its app, even if it’s created with third-party tools. Company announced his plans a type to support content proxies it shows the use of generative AI.

TikTok rules already require creators “Real” content generated by AI. But this policy can be difficult for a company to enforce, especially when creators use AI tools from other companies. But because With AI increasingly being used in the industry, TikTok’s new automated tags should be able to address some of these gaps.

Often described as a “nutrition label for digital content,” the content credential includes “tamper-detection metadata” that can track the image’s origin and the AI ​​tools used to edit it. If users come across AI-generated content on a platform that supports the technology, they can view that history.

TikTok says it will be the first video platform to support content credentials, though it will take some time for these tags to become commonplace, as many companies are just starting to support the technology. (Google, Microsoft, OpenAI and Adobe have all pledged to support content credentials. Meta said it is using it to strengthen the standard. labels on the platform as well.)

However, it should be noted that content proxies and other metadata-based systems are not foolproof. OpenAI Notes a that technology is not a “silver bullet” and that metadata can be “easily deleted, either accidentally or on purpose.” Labels also aren’t very effective if people don’t bother to read them. TikTok says it has a plan to fix that, too. The company has partnered with fact-checking organization MediaWise and human rights organization Witness on a series of media literacy campaigns aimed at educating TikTok users about hashtags and “potentially misleading” content generated by artificial intelligence.

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