Meta gives the Quest 2 its second permanent price cut in four months

for for the second time this year He gave Meta Quest 2 permanent discount. There is a company fell The price of the main headset with 128 GB of memory Up to $199, down to $249. Until January 2, the company was charging $299 for the Quest 2.

Of course, the price cut comes after the company releases more powerful and capable ones Meta Quest 3It starts at a higher price of $499. The discount shows that Meta is trying to get rid of the remaining inventory of the previous model. Still, Quest 2 is our pick the cheapest VR headset Dropping to $199 makes the device even more attractive.

For a few hundred dollars, you will get a headset with fast-changing LCD displays with a resolution of 1832×1920 per eye and a refresh rate of 90Hz. At this point, it has a robust library of VR applications, along with access to cloud gaming services Xbox Cloud Gaming. However you slice it, Quest 2 is a solid entry point to VR.

In addition, Meta recently reduced the prices of Quest 2 accessories. The Elite Strap and Elite Strap with Battery are both 50 percent off, down to $25 and $45, respectively. The Fit Pack, which can help you find a more comfortable fit, is also half off to $20. The official bag has dropped from $45 to $20.

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