Beyond lands on Switch in 2025

After 18 years and reboot completelySamus Aran will return Metroid Prime 4: Beyond next year, Nintendo announced today. The company also gave us our first look at the game, which sees Samus battling hordes of aliens on a distant planet. At first glance, Metroid Prime 4: Beyond can easily be mistaken Hello The game, though, has a bit of enemy crawling and morph ball action, as you’d expect. The teaser ends with the reveal of a new big body (dressed in a costume similar to Samus’) flanked by two floating metroids.

It’s hard to read too much into a teaser, but as a fan of the original Metroid Prime About the Gamecube, I’m certainly excited. Metroid Prime 4: Beyond It’s currently slated as a Switch title, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see it appear on Nintendo’s Switch successor.

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