Amazon’s standard Kindle is on sale for $80

Amazon’s entry-level 16GB Kindle , which means a 20 percent discount. This is the latest iteration of the standard reader, dating back to 2022. Amazon doesn’t do many Kindle hardware updates, so we don’t know if this sale will prevent an upcoming update. The sale includes both black and blue denim versions.


Kindle is one of the most iconic brands in the ereader space, and for good reason. It was Amazon . This model is really made , and we recommend it to anyone looking for a reading tablet on a budget. We love the price, which is even more attractive with today’s sale, and the great selection of e-books available through Amazon.

We also liked how easy it was to use. Even if you’ve never bought a e-reader in your life, you’ll be turning the pages in no time. Font type, font size, borders, etc. There are many customization options that allow you to fiddle with . You can even save multiple settings together as a ‘topic’, which is handy in households with multiple readers. The integration with audiobooks is also nice because it keeps you on the same page no matter how you absorb the content.

This reader is not waterproof and lacks many of the extras common to more expensive models. The standard Kindle is as basic as this technology gets, but as a single-purpose device, do you really need the extra bells and whistles? I couldn’t wait for it , it comes with a stylus, but I kind of wish I didn’t. I’ve read 150 books and written about zero notes since I bought it. Simple is better and cheaper.

As with most Kindles, there are ads on the lock screen which may be a deal breaker for some. I totally understand the distaste for ads, they generally suck, but I’ve never found them to be a problem on Kindles. I can barely see them.

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