Lego just announced the first-ever Zelda playset and it’s glorious

Zelda fans have been a look of jealousy all are sweet Lego sets related to the game for years he wondered when his time would come. Well, the wait is over. Lego and Nintendo just announced Official playset based on The Legend of Zeldaand it’s annoying.

The Great Deku Tree set includes 2,500 pieces of pure Hyrulean goodness. It’s actually two kits in one. If you build it somehow, you’ll get the Great Deku Tree as seen in the Kokiri Forest in the opening chapter of the iconic work. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. If you choose the other structure, you get an old and mature tree, which, although newer, is equally symbolic. Breath of the wild.

Each interaction has unique gameplay characteristics. The Ocarina of Time set includes a section inspired by the game’s first dungeon, as well as a replica of Link’s home in Kokiri Village. The Breath of the Wild the build includes a lot of hidden Koroks, which unfortunately don’t increase your inventory slots in real life. He also has a Master Sword buried in his pedestal and more. The set includes many characters and accessories from the franchise, including a buildable Skulltula, Zelda, Link, Deku Shield and Sheikah Slate, among others. Everything looks pretty cool.

The Lego Legend of Zelda Great Deku Tree set is available for pre-order for $300, with an official release date of September 1st. Nintendo and Lego have also recently teamed up. Mario and Animal Crossing sets.

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