Apex Legends is getting a solo mode for the first time in five years

Apex Legends will soon offer Solos mode for the first time from 2019although the developer Respawn Entertainment he said earlier this year there were no plans to let players run around on their own in combat again. When the next season starts, Solos will replace the Duos mode for six weeks.

The game is designed and tuned for a team of three, but Respawn recently told reporters that it “wanted to acknowledge the growing interest in Solos from our players,” many of whom were looking for new ways to play the game. Launching the mod halfway through season 21 will give the developers a chance to get a lot of feedback from players. Perhaps this could help them realize that Solos could be a more permanent fixture.

“With increased player demand and a desire to re-examine the concept with everything we’ve learned since the mode’s last appearance in 2019, it felt like the right time to reintroduce the Solos experience in Upeaval Apex,” said Mike Button, behind the events.

Revamped to compensate for the lack of teammate support, the Solos mode will have three unique features. If you lose in the first four rounds, you’ll be able to use a one-time repawn token to rejoin the action. After the fourth round closes, unused tokens are converted into Evo, which is used for shields and ability upgrades. According to the developers, the idea behind this is to encourage players to engage more early on.

Respawn also created a mechanic for Solos called Battle Sense. This gives you an audio and visual alert when an enemy is within 50 meters. Finally, you will passively heal when you exit combat. It takes a while to gradually regenerate health, but you can get past that initial timer by securing a kill. You will still be able to use potions and the like to heal manually. Respawn is making a number of other tweaks, including adding fully equipped weapons for Solos, adjusting circle sizes, and reducing the lobby size from 60 to 50 players.

Apex Legends character change.Apex Legends character change.

Respawn Entertainment/EA

Along with some map, cosmetic, balance and ranking changes, there will also be a new legend for players to check out. Alter comes from another dimension and this is included in his kit. He can create portals through walls, ceilings and floors.

The Void Passage ability can be fired from a certain distance and has a maximum depth of 20 meters, so it cannot pass through mountains. Once through the portal, you’ll have a few seconds of safety to assess your surroundings and prepare for battle if necessary. Allies and enemies alike can use portals, so Void Passage can open up all sorts of possibilities for flanking and spinning.

Alter’s passive ability can see death boxes through walls and pluck an item from them. The latest version of Alter is called Void Nexus. This drops a device that you and your teammates can communicate with remotely, even when knocked down. Doing so will teleport you back to the regroup point. However, enemies have a short window to track you down. Alter’s upgrades include the ability to see enemy health bars when going through a portal.

You will be able to check the live ones Apex Legends Play as Alter when Solos mode and the Upheaval season starts on May 7.

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