A four-pack of Samsung’s Galaxy SmartTag 2 trackers is back on sale for $70

We recommend Samsung Galaxy SmartTag 2 our Bluetooth tracker buying guide To Galaxy phone owners who want an AirTags-style device that can store tags on their keys, luggage, and other sensitive items. If that describes you, here’s a quick PSA: A four-pack of the tiny oblong devices is currently $30 on Amazon, down to $70. This discount has started from time to time since Samsung released viewer last October, but still matches the four-pack’s lowest price to date. If you don’t want to shop on Amazon, you can get the same package at B&H for an additional $2.

Meanwhile, if you don’t need that many followers, single SmartTag 2s sold for $21 each. That’s a dollar more than the device’s all-time low, but still $9 below it name street price.


That matches the lowest price we’ve seen for a four-pack of Samsung’s AirTag-style Bluetooth trackers.

$70 on Amazon

The main thing to note with the Galaxy SmartTag 2 is that it is exclusive to Samsung. For full functionality, you’ll need a Samsung phone or tablet running Android 11 or newer, and the company’s Find SmartThings crowdsourcing network to find items. The latter is Samsung’s alternative to Apple Find my network and Google recently launched Find my device network. (Yes, the names of these things are very similar.) It is no whom big whom either of these, so identifying an item outside of your tracker’s Bluetooth range will generally be less accurate. Samsung has not confirmed any plans for the Galaxy SmartTag 2 to support Google’s extended network. If you’re an Android user who isn’t attached to Galaxy phones, you should wait and see if it’s worth buying future followers. Chipolo and Pebble bee Designed to use (among others) the Find My Device network.

With several hundred million Samsung devices connected to SmartThings Findout in the wild, we found the Galaxy SmartTag 2 to be quite effective. in testing. Its detachment alert — that is, its ability to ping you when you leave a tagged item behind — worked as reliably as any model we’ve tested, and it’s good to map its location history over time. It can track up to 120 meters (about 394 feet) directly over Bluetooth, which is on the longer side, plus it supports ultra wideband technology that can help guide you more precisely toward an object once you’re close.

The device itself is simple to set up, and its flat design has an internal cutout, so it’s easy to keep in a wallet or on a key chain. This too IP67 rating, so it can continue to sink under water. Samsung says the device can last up to 500 days with normal use, and you can replace the battery once it runs out. There are technically more capable options (more to come), and all Bluetooth trackers have some level of coverage privacy issues. Such a device not ideal also to prevent theft. But for forgetful Galaxy die-hards looking to save some money, it’s a decent deal.

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