Microsoft Notepad just got spellcheck in the year 2024

It finally happened. More than 40 years after the software’s launch in 1983, Microsoft’s text editor Notepad got a spell-checking feature. For history buffs, Ronald Reagan was president back in 1983 and Ghostbusters, then called Ghost Smashers, was an unmade script to star Eddie Murphy. It was a long time ago.

Microsoft has introduced a new spell-checking tool to Notepad in Windows 11, and it works as expected. Automatically checks for spelling errors. The company started testing the feature back in March, however necessary, and has been quietly updating the app for the past few days. .

In particular, the feature works almost the same as in Word or Edge. Misspelled words are highlighted with a red underline. When you right-click on a misspelled word a few times, you get a list of correct spelling options to change. Microsoft has also added autocorrect to the mix, which automatically corrects errors. You get the gist. It is the year 2024.

However, one interesting aspect is that you can disable spell checking on a file type basis in Notepad through the settings menu. In other words, you can disable the feature for file types like .md or .srt. It is automatically disabled with file types related to encoding, such as log files. Also, compared to Word, Notepad requires an extra click to replace a spelling mistake. As for Word, . Ronald Reagan was still president and Ghostbusters has just proven to be a huge hit.

Microsoft is coming later this year, so it’s beefing up Notepad to eliminate loopholes. Notepad recently got a dark mode, actual badgesa character number and well, . It’s also packed to the gills with artificial intelligence. .

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