Yelp debuts AI-powered assistant to help you find the right contractors

Yelp, like many other companies, appeared recently more and more new AI features. Its latest includes new ones Yelp Assistant, the company says, can help you find the right contractors or service provider for your needs. The idea is to point you in the right direction without having to search on your own, which is especially useful if you have a very specific job that requires experts in their field.

Yelp claims this “reduces the odds on the type of experts you might need.” You simply tell the Assistant what your project is and then enter your answers or select the one-click answer option. In the example above, for example, Yelp Assistant created a personalized conversation with one-click responses based on the customer’s initial inquiry about wanting to replace their bathtub. Yelp offered different types of bathtubs for the customer to choose from so that it could create a list of providers capable of doing the job.

The company says its new Assistant can efficiently anticipate your needs and identify service providers on the website because it uses a large language model trained on Yelp’s vast datasets, including providers’ business information and the website’s “Request a Quote” feature. uses. of OpenAIs. Currently, it’s only available to iOS users in the Projects tab, and won’t be available on Android until later this summer.

In addition to the Yelp Assistant, the company also released the Yelp Fusion AI API, which allows third-party partners to build conversational AI experiences for their services. It released a new set of features for Yelp Guest Manager to help restaurants better manage server queues, track table status in real-time, and automate credit card payments for reservations.

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