Netflix is killing its cheapest ad-free plan in Canada and the UK in Q2

In it Q4 2023 earnings report Earlier today, Netflix announced that its cheapest ad-free Basic plan will be phased out entirely in Canada and the UK starting Q2 2024. You could not register for this level since last Julybut now even current subscribers won’t be able to keep their “Basic” plans, which initially cost $10 or £7 a month, but collided up to $12 or £8 in October. In other words, you’ll basically be forced into one of two more expensive ad-free packages (from $16.49 or £11 per month) or a cheaper ad-supported plan ($6 or £5 per month).

It will be interesting to see which way the current user base leans when they finally have to make a decision, but it’s clear that Netflix wants to grow its ad business rather than rely heavily on constant price increases. work with the entire streaming market, it seems. After all, the ad plan now accounts for 40 percent of all Netflix signups in ad markets, according to its earnings report. We won’t be surprised if the same applies to the United States before too long. “We want to cancel our Prime plan in some of our advertising countries starting in Q2 in Canada and the UK,” Netflix said.

The company also succeeds in the game by attracting users in this area triple In 2023 Grand Theft Auto trilogy, only came On December 14, the platform was billed as Netflix’s “most successful launch to date in terms of installs and engagement…with some consumers signing up just to play these games.” But the firm added that it’s still early days compared to the scale of Netflix’s core streaming business, with no significant numbers to share yet. Who knows, maybe we’ll see another breakthrough with him 2024 game order.

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