Microsoft and OpenAI sued yet again by Chicago Tribune and New York Daily News

group of included publications Chicago Tribune, New York Daily News and Orlando Sentinel They are suing Microsoft and OpenAI The Verge. The eight publishing companies in this particular suit, all owned by Alden Capital Group (ACG), accuse ChatGPT of misappropriating “millions” of their copyrighted articles without permission and without payment to commercialize generative artificial intelligence products. and Copilot.”

This is the latest lawsuit filed against Microsoft and OpenAI for using copyrighted material without the express consent of the publishers. The New York Times also famously sued the companies claimed late last year that they were using “almost a century of copyrighted content.” They can regurgitate products Times’ the articles are verbatim and “may imitate his expressive style,” the publication says, although they do not have a prior license agreement. In a motion seeking to dismiss key parts of the lawsuit, Microsoft charged Time doomsday futurology arguing that generative artificial intelligence could pose a threat to independent journalism.

ACG’s papers also complain that companies’ chatbots repeat their articles shortly after they are published without a valid link to the source. They cited several examples in their complaints. In addition, chatbots appear to suffer from hallucinations and report inaccurately to ACG publications. The publication alleged that the defendants were paying for the computers, custom chips and electricity they used to build and operate the generative AI products. However, they use copyrighted articles “without permission and without paying for the privilege,” even though they need content to teach large language models. Plaintiffs cited OpenAI previous admission “It is impossible to train today’s leading AI models without using copyrighted material.”

OpenAI is no longer a not-for-profit company, which the plaintiffs say is now worth $90 billion. Meanwhile, ChatGPT and Copilot added “hundreds of billions of dollars to Microsoft’s market cap.” The publications are seeking an unspecified amount in damages and are asking the court to order the defendants to destroy the GPT and LLM models that used their material.

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