TikTok might be going around Apple’s in-app purchase rules for its coins

Another day, another company tests Apple’s resolve. This time, it’s TikTok allegedly violating the company’s rules for apps, as the video platform appears to allow some users to purchase its apps. coins directly from their website. TikTok apparently gave some iOS users the option to “Try to top up on tiktok.com to avoid the in-app service fee” — meaning Apple’s 30 percent commission on purchases.

according to Photos shared by David Tesler on X (formerly Twitter)., co-founder of the app Sendit, is calling for TikTok users to save about 25 percent when buying coins (used to tip creators) thanks to low third-party service fees. They can use Apple Pay, PayPal, or a credit or debit card to complete their transaction. It is not clear why only some users have access to this circuit; one assumption is that the feature is enabled for those who have previously purchased a large number of coins.

Apple especially kicked Fortnite off app store in 2020 after Epic Games implemented discounts on the game’s currency for anyone who bought it directly. The incident started a multi-year legal battle Apple reinstates Epic Games’ developer account After March, the European Union began to investigate the situation. Recently, Apple has faced pushback from Spotify and rejected updates that show music streaming prices and allow in-app plan purchases.

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