Arkham Shadow is the first big exclusive VR game for the Quest 3

One of the main reasons why it’s hard to recommend the $500 Quest 3 VR headset over the $200 Quest 2 is the lack of exclusive titles, as most games should support both models. It means we haven’t really seen , but the tides are turning. Meta just announced Batman: Shadow of Arkhamis completely exclusive to the company’s newest headphones.

It looks like this title is actually set in the pre-existing Arkham universe, but it’s not being developed by franchise steward Rocksteady Studios. Created by Oculus Studios and a developer called Camouflaj . The track record is pretty spotty when it comes to that but the inclusion of Camouflaj makes me cautiously optimistic.

There’s a trailer seen above, but it lacks any actual gameplay. For that we have to wait according to . The trailer reveals the presence of a lesser-known member of Batman . Controls rats to commit crimes. This is a complete thing.

This isn’t the first time Batman has worn a VR headset. Rocksteady in 2016 . The game was lauded for being immersive, but panned for being only an hour long. Hopefully it’s a little longer, though I’m really into well-executed short VR experiences. Plenty of time to hang around the house like a doofus with headphones on.

While this is certainly the highest-profile Quest 3 exclusive, it’s not the first to be announced. Starship House is a mixed reality adventure that should have been an exclusive release for Vision Pro. Horrible Alien: Aggressive attack It’s not entirely exclusive to Quest 3, as it’s also released on Steam and PSVR2, but it’s a “next-gen” VR game that shouldn’t run on the older Quest 2. the end of the year.

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