8BitDo’s Nintendo-style Retro Mechanical Keyboard hits a new low of $70 at Woot

If you’re in the market for a new mechanical keyboard with some retro flair, here’s a deal worth checking out: 8BitDo Retro Mechanical Keyboard It’s down to $70 on Amazon subsidiary Woot. This is the lowest price we have tracked. This offer has only been live for a few days, but it comes in at $30 below 8BitDo’s list price, and $10 below the wireless keyboard’s previous minimum. Unfortunately, the deal only applies to the Fami Edition version of the device with its color scheme and Japanese characters. Inspired by the Famicom The Nintendo console was released in Japan in the 80s. 8BitDo is for sale another option It’s modeled after the US NES, but costs $20 more as of this writing. (A third model based on this Commodore 64 is also on the way.)


This is the lowest price we’ve seen for a recommended wireless mechanical keyboard.

$70 at Woot

Although not an official option in our guide the best mechanical keyboardsThe Retro Mechanical Keyboard has won our place retro gaming gift guide last year. The vintage aesthetic is the main reason to consider it: If you’re digging old tech, there aren’t many options for this look. Still, it’s a solid keyboard in its own right. Its keyless form factor should be comfortable for most people, and it can be connected via Bluetooth, a wireless dongle, or a detachable USB-C cable. Although it is made of plastic, the chassis does not look that cheap. Its PBT keys have a crisp texture, and its keys feel mostly stable, with no major clicks at larger inputs like the space bar. It also comes with a silly but fun pair of NES-style “Super Buttons” that you can program to perform various commands.

Be warned, though: it’s louder. Retro Mechanical Keyboard is a click away Kailh Box White V2 High-pitched keys that are generally a pleasure to press, but which your spouse or co-workers may find aggravating. It fits the retro aesthetic, but the keyboard is best kept tucked away in a home office. There is also no backlight or adjustable feet. The shifters are hot-swappable, so it’s easy to swap them out for a different feel on the road.

Ultimately, how much you enjoy old-school style will determine whether a Retro Mechanical Keyboard is worth buying. We recommend if you want something a little more streamlined that costs less than $100 Keychron V Max series in our buying guide. But 8BitDo’s board is still a decent value, and this discount only adds to that. Woot said the offer will run for another six days or until the device is sold out.

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