Prison Architect 2 is denied release until September 3

It hasn’t been a great week for Paradox Interactive, and things have taken a bit of a turn for the publisher. There is this announced Another delay for Prison architect 2Sequel to the 2015 hit. The game was supposed to be released on May 7th (it was already ) but now it won’t arrive until September 3rd.

despite the establishment of Prison architect 2 was certified for all platforms, the developers at Double Eleven ran into some technical issues that will take some time to resolve. Some issues with memory usage and minimum spec configuration failures have appeared. While the team says its work to eliminate these has been successful so far, some other technical issues have started to emerge, leading to significantly more crashes.

Double Eleven will use the additional development time to improve the stability of prison management sim cards and improve some of its features. Paradox says it will also take the opportunity to give players an inside look at the development process through additional developer diaries and streams. The show is scheduled for April 25.

Paradox notes that console players who pre-ordered will be automatically refunded due to platform policies — they’ll have to purchase Prison architect 2 again to receive the pre-order bonus. Steam players can request a refund if they want.

The Prison architect 2 the delay comes a day after studio Colossal Order said it would issue refunds to all players who purchased the first asset pack. Cities Skylines 2, another game is published by Paradox. Active package (this will be ) worked, there was a consensus among fans that it wasn’t enough to justify the $10 price tag. There are bigger challenges in the game as there is more work to be done to optimize the Giant Order Cities Skylines 2 . The studio also delayed the release of the console and other DLCs as they focused on fixing major issues.

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