Ryan Gosling and Miller/Lord’s Project Hail Mary could be the sci-fi event of 2026

Do you like raucous science fiction books? Do you like movies? Then after two years you will be treated. Amazon MGM Studios just set a March 20, 2026 release date Project Hail Mary, . It is based on one of our novels by Andy Weir of the same name favorite books of the last few yearsso we were excited.

The stars of the movie It will be directed by Ryan Gosling and the duo Phil Lord and Christopher Miller behind it The Lego Movie and allegedly of Solo: A Star Wars Story. He also wrote a little-known film called Lord Spider-Man: To the Spider-Verse.

It was penned by Drew Goddard, who cut his teeth on television shows like the script Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Lost before moving on to the features. directed Cabin in the woods, somehow both iconic and underrated at the same time. If the name Andy Weir sounds familiar, that’s because he wrote a book called it Martian, . By the way, Goddard also wrote that script.

I read the book and liked it. is more fantastic than Martian, but is still full of the same science-based solutions to massive life-or-death problems. This time, instead of a single astronaut, the entire Earth is on the chopping block. It’s pretty funny, too Martian, so Lord and Miller are well suited to lead. The pair have also signed on to direct an adaptation of another Weir novel. Artemisbut that project .

Or, of course, a lot can happen in two years. Here’s hoping our humble community can pop some popcorn in 2026. The Mandalorian and Grogurey skywalker movie, continuation The Super Mario Bros movie, Toy story 5, Batman Part II and according to the information, The Avengers: Kang Dynasty.

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