Supergiant shows off Hades II’s gameplay and new god designs

Supergiant Games just got treated Hell fans to get an extended look at the game’s upcoming sequel. Seriously – developer hosted a three hours of live streaming showed himself Hades II gameplay, new features and mechanics, as well as new designs for characters based on the gods of Greek mythology. Supergiant Creative Director Greg Kasavin and Studio Director Amir Rao showcased the skills of the game’s new protagonist, MelinoĆ«. Although she is the sister of Zagreus, the protagonist of the first title and Hades II is a direct sequel to the original, Kasavin and Rao said players need no prior knowledge of the first game or Greek mythology to enjoy it. And old fans will catch “delicious references” here and there.

Melinoƫ is a witch and assassin who is skilled and magical with her staff, and has a very different playstyle from Zagreus as you can see from the gameplay footage. Kasavin and Roe also brought back new gods like Apollo, Aphrodite and Demeter, and showcased new resources and different environments within the game. They played the technical test version Hades IIhowever, this means that certain environments and elements may still undergo some changes before the final product is released.

The developer hopes to fix any issues that technical testers may find quickly so that the game can move into early access, which is expected to take place this spring.

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