Tesla halts Cybertruck deliveries due to ‘unexpected delay’

Tesla has suspended Cybertruck deliveries, telling owners there was an “unexpected delay in the preparation of your vehicle.” Karbuzz reported. A buyer on it Cybertruck Owners Club said that tesla issued a recall due to a problem with the accelerator.

“We have just been informed of an unexpected delay in the preparation of your vehicle. We will have to cancel your Sunday delivery appointment and will contact you again when we can get you back on schedule,” Tesla wrote to another. customer. “We apologize for the inconvenience and look forward to Cybertruck delivery soon!”

One of the owners posted a TikTok showing what the potential problem could be. A problem with excessive lubrication in the gas pedal can cause the cover to come loose and slide forward, jamming into the gap in the floorboard. This effectively causes the accelerator to fully engage, creating an obviously dangerous situation. However, Tesla has not confirmed the exact reason for the delay or the recall.

Tesla said deliveries should resume on April 20 (yes), but the situation could create a ripple effect that slows subsequent deliveries as well. The car, which finally went into production late last year after numerous delays, saw other complaints from buyers. These include lack of visibility, off-road difficulties, potential hazard to passengers due to lack of crumple zones, CCS adapter issues, lower than expected range, discoloration of stainless steel body panels, etc. includes.

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