Paid ChatGPT users can now access GPT-4 Turbo

OpenAI has introduced the new GPT-4 Turbo to paid ChatGPT users. The the company published a news about it in X (formerly Twitter), shares that the broad language model improves math, logical thinking, coding, and writing skills. Referring to the latter, a reply to his original post states that “When writing with ChatGPT, replies will be more direct, less verbose, and use more conversational language.” Note that in December Microsoft integrated GPT-4 Turbo CoPilot AI chatbot and image generator with DALL-E 3.

When OpenAI introduced GPT-4 Turbo in November, he highlighted key improvements to the system that power ChatGPT. At the time, OpenAI claimed that GPT-4 Turbo could handle six times as many pages of text – 300 – compared to the previous 50. Given the breadth of data represented, this expansion could mean more complex queries and responses. A large language model can also generate image query titles or descriptions and handle text-to-speech queries.

GPT-4 Turbo has progressed even after its initial announcement. OpenAI originally pushed the world’s knowledge to April 2023, which is a good jump GPT-4 September 2021 slaughter. Now, there is information up to GPT-4 Turbo December 2023.

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