Palworld’s upcoming Arena mode looks like Pokémon PvP with guns

Since then Palworld when it first appeared, it was described as a “Weapon Pokemon”. The new mode coming to Pocketpair’s massively successful game won’t do much to shake off those comparisons. Even based on the 15-second clip, it looks, sounds, and smells like Pokemon player-to-player experiences.

In the ingeniously named Palworld Arena, you will be able to cope with the help of other players. Pokemon The friends you keep. Pocketpair says you can breed your strongest creatures to defeat your opponents. A short teaser was shown Triple-i Initiative indie games showcase showed a split screen view, worth it.

At first glance, the main difference between Pokemon battles and these battles is that instead of standing back and telling your friends what to do, your character will be in the thick of the action and try to destroy the enemies. a range of weapons.

For those of us who aren’t fans of turn-based combat (*waves*), this could be a more active, perhaps even more engaging, twist on Pokemon battles. But it really looks like Pokémon PvP modes with a different paint. We’ll find out how the two franchises stack up in PvP when Palworld Arena arrives this summer.

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