Overwatch 2 introduces harsher punishments for players who leave mid-match

Blizzard takes leaves mid-match Overwatch 2 is more serious and so imposition of harsher penalties When season 10 arrives. People playing unranked games will not be able to join the queue for five minutes after leaving two of the last 20 games. If they leave at least 10 of the last 20, they will be suspended for 48 hours. Players probably want to be more careful when it comes to leaving Competitive games, as doing so 10 out of 20 games will get them banned for the rest of the season. In its announcement, Blizzard said that while it recognizes that not everyone quits a game on purpose, these changes “should help prevent players who choose to quit on purpose.”

List of penalties for leaving an Overwatch 2 match.List of penalties for leaving an Overwatch 2 match.

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The developer is also making it easier for groups of friends to play together in Competitive mode, regardless of rank, by introducing “wide groups”. The broad group is defined by the presence of players of a wide range of ranks, from Diamond to the lower levels of the five Skill Divisions. Blizzard admits that opting for the new queue option means a longer wait time, as it needs to match a large group with another large group of similar ranks to be fair. However, we hope that the new feature will eliminate the need to use an alt account when playing with friends.

The company is also adding new features designed to prevent abuse and harassment in the game. People will soon be able to add up to 10 players to their Run as Teammate list instead of three. It also makes it easier to report disruptive behavior by updating the reporting interface. Finally, Blizzard blocks a player’s access to text or voice chat in their matches if they are found to be engaging in offensive behavior and violating the company’s code of conduct. They can redeem these privileges only when they spend time playing Overwatch 2 on their best behavior.

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