Meta Quest headsets get spatial video playback, just in time for the Apple Vision Pro launch

Apple has made video capture and playback in location a but it won’t be the only device in town that can handle stereoscopic videos. Meta Quest is a virtual reality headset perfectly timed to coincide with tomorrow’s Apple Vision Pro launch.

You can download location videos directly from your iPhone through the Meta Quest mobile app, but you’ll need to to make videos. Content will be stored in the cloud, not on the headset, to save that all-important hard drive space. Once downloaded, you’ll be able to relive precious memories over and over again, as the increased depth provided by location videos is quite compelling.

Meta has put together a few demo videos for users so you can see what all the fuss is about. It is not exclusive to this feature You will be able to watch location videos through Meta Quest 2 and Meta Quest Pro. As always, the OG Meta Quest is left out in the cold. It should be noted, can also play location videos.

Video viewer is part of it Quest brings a number of other improvements to its users. The headset’s web browser will now be able to play web-based games with support for external gamepads. In addition, Facebook live streaming now available to everyone, after a limited release. Finally, there are some new single gesture quick actions. You can, for example, mute the microphone or take a picture by looking down at your wrist and doing a quick pinch. Hey, wait a minute. This also sounds suspiciously like the Apple Vision Pro’s control scheme. A bullet was fired.

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