Google’s new AI video generator is more HR than Hollywood

For most of us, creating documents, spreadsheets and slide boards is an inevitable part of working life in 2024. What it doesn’t have is creating videos. This is something Google wants to change. On Tuesday, the company announced Google Vids, a video creation app for work that the company says can make anyone a “great storyteller” using the power of artificial intelligence.

It uses vids Twins, Google’s latest AI model, to quickly create videos for the workplace. Type in a tip, feed in some documents, images, and videos, and sit back and relax while Vids creates an entire storyboard, script, music, and soundtrack. “As a storytelling medium, video has become ubiquitous because of its immediacy and ability to ‘cut through the noise,’ but knowing where to start can be daunting,” said Aparna Pappu, vice president of Google. blog post announces the program. “Vids is your video, recording, production and editing assistant, all in one.”

In the promotional video, Google uses Vids to create a video showing moments from the Cloud Next conference in Las Vegas, the annual event where it showcased the app. Based on a simple prompt that tells you to create a summary video and attach a document full of event information, Vids creates an editable story outline. It then lets the user choose a template for the video – you can choose between a research proposal, new employee introduction, team milestone, quarterly business update and more – then squeeze in a few minutes before pouring out the first draft of the video. , complete with storyboard, stock media, music, transitions and animation. It even creates a script and voice recording, although you can also write your own. You can manually select photos from Google Drive or Google Photos to easily drop into the video.

It all seems pretty neat, but it’s important to remember what Vids isn’t: a replacement for OpenAI’s upcoming AI-powered video creation tools Sora or Runway Gen-2, which creates videos from scratch from text prompts. Instead. Google Vids uses artificial intelligence to understand your request, generate a script and audio recording, and combine stock images, videos, music, transitions, and animations to create an effectively designed slide deck. Because Vids is part of Google Workspace, you can collaborate in real-time just like Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides.

Who asked for this? My guess is that it’s often HR departments and line managers who need to create onboarding videos for new hires, announce company milestones, or create training materials for teams. But if Google chooses to make Vids available outside of Workspace, which is typically used by businesses, and I can see people using it for more work, like easily creating birthday or holiday videos using their own photos and videos when available, more broadly

Vids will be available in June and will come to Workspace Labs first, meaning you’ll have to join to try it out. It is not yet known when it will become more widely available.

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