ChatGPT maker OpenAI launches GPT Store and a subscription tier for teams

OpenAI introduced the program store for custom GPTs and a new ChatGPT subscription tier for smaller teams. The GPT Store allowing developers and users to share and profit from them custom versions of the viral chatbot. In the meantime, The ChatGPT Team it costs $25-$30 per user per month while offering data security and supporting longer queries.

GPT Store

OpenAI screenshot of ChatGPT GPT Store.  It highlights special programs from All Trails, Consensus, Code Tutor, and Books.OpenAI screenshot of ChatGPT GPT Store.  It highlights special programs from All Trails, Consensus, Code Tutor, and Books.


The GPT Store allows OpenAI to leverage ChatGPT’s influence in the tech world into a pay-as-you-go business model, similar to Apple’s App Store. Anyone can create and share a GPT – you don’t need any coding experience – but creators must create a Creator Profile that shares their real name or directs users to a verified website.

OpenAI says it will soon launch a revenue program for GPT creators in the quarter. “As a first step, US builders will be paid based on user engagement with their GPTs,” the company wrote, promising to provide more information as the program gets closer to launch. For now, GPT creators will have to be content to ride the hype train and hope the terms are attractive.

The ChatGPT Team

As OpenAI describes it, the ChatGPT Team provides “a secure, collaborative workspace to get the most out of ChatGPT at work.” Different ChatGPT EnterpriseLaunched in August, the Team tier doesn’t require thousands of dollars or calls with the company’s sales team. Instead, everyone subscribed ChatGPT Plus or Enterprise can join for $30 per month (paid monthly) or $25 (annually).

The ChatGPT Team offers access to GPT-4 with a larger (32,000-token) context window for longer queries. Additionally, subscribers get higher message limits, and (as with the Enterprise tier) OpenAI says it won’t train its models on data or chats from ChatGPT Team subscribers.

The command level also provides a “secure work area” including an operator console to operate the seats. Team members in a plan can also create and share custom GPTs internally. Finally, OpenAI says ChatGPT Team subscribers will get “early access to new features and improvements.”

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