Journaling app Palmsy offers fake likes from real friends

A quirky new app called Palmsy lets you post to a social media network full of adoring followers that only exist in your imagination. Whether used as a new twist on social media addiction or as a journaling app with the equivalent of a nicotine patch, Palmsy prevents the real world from seeing your “posts,” keeping them on-device, offline, and private.

Palmsy’s App Store description says it “allows you to make small posts for yourself.” And that’s essentially all you do. As for why you would want to do such a thing, the people who have a problem typical magazine or mind map programs may find it a more inspiring framework. Or, if your social sharing habit has gotten out of hand (or you want to take a break from it for any other reason), this can be a way to get away from yourself and give you a dopamine hit without sharing anything publicly.

One clever wrinkle from developer Pat Nakajima is that the app imports your contacts to create fake likes. whom shown by TechCrunchNakajima he wrote In topics that nothing leaves your device or is placed in your contacts, application servers, or anywhere else. “It’s just an allegation,” he said.

If it seems a bit strange to see fake likes from real contacts, the latest update added the ability to limit the number of fake likes your posts get. You can also set limits on how long you should receive them, from a few seconds to a few days.

The program is free and For iOS onlyincluding iPhone and iPad options.

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