Instagram is working on new Reels feed that combines two users’ interests

Instagram working on a feature to recommend Reels to you and your friend based on the videos you share with each other and your individual interests. Reverse engineer Alessandro Paluzzi revealed the feature, this is called Blend. Instagram approved TechCrunch it is testing Blend internally and has not started testing it publicly. Blend may never see the light of day, though it’s always interesting to learn about the ideas Instagram is playing with.

The platform didn’t reveal further details about how Blend will work, though the idea seems to be that Instagram users and their best friends will discover new reels instead of finding a video they like and sending it to the other. It would make sense for Blend to have an indicator that the other person has already seen a particular Reel, so that two people with access to the feed can start a conversation about it.

TikTok It doesn’t have a feature along these lines TechCrunch Notes, so Blend may have an edge over Instagram when it comes to people who like to check out short-form videos together. As with many other features offered by these types of platforms, Blend seems to be primarily about increasing engagement.

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