Slack’s new generative AI features include thread summaries and conversational search

Slack has finally introduced its generative AI toolkit to the world, The vast majority of these features appear to simplify your daily life when using a business-based chat platform.

First, AI will automatically generate channel summaries to give you highlights of anything you’ve missed away from your keyboard or smartphone. Slack says the algorithm that generates these retweets is smart enough to separate content into different topics being discussed. In other words, if your co-workers started an argument about coffee beans and talked about third-quarter earnings or whatever, you should get a paragraph about both.

A similar tool exists for threads that are mostly one-on-one or group chats that don’t occupy the entire channel. It allows users to “get up to speed on any topic with just one click.” Now, if one short paragraph is all it takes, you can ignore a colleague who texts you eight times in a row.

Another great feature here is conversational search. This allows you to ask questions using natural language instead of using Slack’s pre-existing search bar to slowly scan past conversations. An algorithm does the scanning for you, providing you with a “clear, concise answer based on relevant conversational data.”

How long these tools last remains to be seen will save the average user during the workday, but Slack says it’s committed to artificial intelligence. To that end, the company is developing more native AI features, including the ability to create personalized summaries of channels that users don’t check daily but want to watch. Additionally, Slack said it will soon integrate some of its most-used third-party apps into its AI ecosystem.

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