NVIDIA says its Blackwell GPUs are the world’s most powerful chips

NVIDIA’s H100 chips are used by nearly every AI company in the world to build large language models connected to services like ChatGPT. It’s been great for business. Now the company is ready to see those chips terribleannounces a new generation platform called Blackwell.

Named for David Harold Blackwell, a mathematician who specialized in game theory and statistics, NVIDIA claims it is the world’s most powerful chip, reaching 20 petaflops, compared to just 4 petaflops offered by Blackwell’s H100. Yes, throw it in the trash. You need new chips.

If you don’t know how powerful NVIDIA is, its press release for this new platform includes quotes from the CEOs of OpenAI, Microsoft, Alphabet, Meta, and Tesla — yes, all the CEOs you probably know.

– Matt Smith

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The tournament is postponed until further notice.


To be born again

Yes, it’s bad. Respawn, the studio behind EA Apex Legends, postponed the North American Finals tournament after hackers hacked matches and rigged players with cheats. Footage of the hack on Twitch shows players being able to see their opponents’ location through walls, while standout player (and one of the best) ImperialHal has been gifted with a targeting bot to make it easier to hit enemies. Respawn said it will share more information soon, but at the time of writing, the studio has not elaborated.

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The Mevo Core features improved built-in microphones and works with any MFT lens.

Logitech is expanding its line of Mevo live streaming cameras. The company’s new Mevo Core 4K footage is a huge upgrade from the 1080p Mevo Start camera kit I tested a few years ago. However, it’s a price change as the new model will set you back three times as much for a three-camera setup. 999 dollars. So, yes, this is probably for professional broadcasters.

To highlight this, the Core ships as a body only, but Logitech will sell lens bundles through Amazon and B&H Photo Video. You’ll have to buy an extra lens just to make it work. And it just fits — so your chances of getting one are high.

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It’s like Google search again in Safari. Plus 15 years.

Apple is reportedly in talks with Google to integrate Gemini AI into iPhones Bloomberg. Gemini could be a cloud-based generative AI engine for Siri and other iPhone apps, while Apple models could tap the upcoming iOS 18 for on-device AI tasks.

There are regulatory concerns to consider – the Justice Department has already sued Google over its search engine dominance, including the way it pays Apple and other companies to use its search engine. But given that Microsoft and OpenAI’s partnership has turned Bing into something people actually talk about, the team merger may be worth the risk.

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