You can now watch Godzilla Minus One at home on Netflix

Godzilla minus one is now available to stream on Netflix, with a black-and-white version to follow soon. The streaming service announced the surprise release today, coinciding with the film’s arrival in both color and “for digital purchase and rental on VOD platforms including Prime Video and Apple TV.Minus Color” versions are available. on Netflix, Godzilla minus one can be watched with subtitles or dubbing.

For anyone who doesn’t have the chance to catch black and white Godzilla Minus One/Negative Color when it ran briefly in cinemas earlier this year, the distributor Toho International said to be coming to Netflix later this summer. Anyone else’s plans for a summer Godzilla marathon getting better?

Godzilla minus oneSet in post-World War II Japan, When it hit the screens in December 2023, it quickly gained a huge fan following and became one of those films that had people rushing to the theaters to see it again – and againonce Minus Color version dropped. It was critically acclaimed and won the Academy Award for Best Visual Effects at the 2024 Oscars.

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