Children of the Sun brings FPS puzzles to Steam on April 9

Children of the sun is a bullet-bending puzzle game set in a twisted world of cults and revenge, and it’s based on the PC hit. Via Steam on April 9 Children of the sun, players line up a single sniper shot and then control the bullet bouncing between cultists in their sights. The goal is to take out everyone as quickly, gracefully, and creatively as possible by bending the bullet around the environment and through objects while the targets try to escape in slow motion. It’s a repetitive, satisfying set of mechanics.

It’s not all senseless violence. It’s called Sniper Girl, and she’s a former cult member who grew up a victim of brainwashing. Now he’s on a mission to destroy the cult, member by member and bullet by bullet, before finally taking out the Leader. So, yes, there is violence in the game, but not completely meaningless.

The environments in it Children of the sun they have a high-contrast, devilish glow, and enemies look like thermally burning skeletons as Maiden spies on them, lining up each shot. The visuals alone give the game an unexpected, adrenaline-fuelled edge.

Children of the sun René Rother comes from a developer who is big in the world of game jams. Rother has a history of construction minimalistic games with loud messages about violence and death – or sometimes chewing gum. Children of the sun Published by Devolver Digital.

Children of the sunChildren of the sun

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Demo for Children of the sun landed on Steam in early February, offering a seven-course taste of the game’s main run. It was the biggest hit of the Steam Next Fest; his demo was watched by over 60,000 players that week.

“It’s been a pretty fun couple of weeks since the game was first announced and the demo released,” Rother said Steam. “Lots of nice words and great feedback from you guys. Thanks to everyone who gave a moment of their time to the demo… So now that the release date is out, I guess I should finally finish the game. Ha!”

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