Apple ends Samsung’s decade-plus as global smartphone shipment leader

2023 was a big year for the Apple iPhone. First, he survived the prolonged lightning port, and now reports suggest that Apple has overtaken Samsung for the majority of smartphones shipped globally. International Data Corporation (IDC) Preliminary data from the Worldwide Quarterly Mobile Phone Tracker Apple shipped 234.6 million units in 2023, accounting for 20.1 percent of the market. In comparison, Samsung shipped 226.6 units for 19.4 percent of the market share. Global technology market analyst firm Canalys shared Findings mirror those from IDC.

This marks the first time Samsung has fallen below number one since 2010, when Nokia led the way and Apple failed to even crack the top five. In 2023, Xiaomi, OPPO and Transsion took the remaining three positions with 145.9, 103.1 and 94.9 million smartphone sales worldwide respectively.

Given the crowded and ongoing regulations in the smartphone industry, the change is remarkable. “Apple certainly played a role in Samsung’s downgrade, but the overall Android space is diversifying within itself. Huawei is back and making rapid progress within China. OnePlus, Honor, Google and others offer very competitive devices in the high-end low price range. Discussions around the possibilities of foldable devices and artificial intelligence in the smartphone are growing,” said Ryan Reith, vice president of IDC’s Worldwide Mobility and Consumer Device Trackers group. statement. “Overall, the smartphone space is headed for a very exciting time.”

It should be noted that although total smartphone shipments decreased by 3.2 percent in 2023, they increased by 8.4 percent in the fourth quarter. However, Apple is struggling to compete in China, with sales in the region down 11 percent from a year earlier in the quarter. the The Wall Street Journal reports. The company has discounted its iPhones to the equivalent of about $70 ahead of the Lunar New Year, which is full of gifts. Discount your latest iPhone, in this case iPhone 15It’s rare for Apple, but it could pay off in a struggling market.

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