Sleight of Hand is a new noir game from the creator of Framed

Framed creator Joshua Briggs is back with another mystery game and this time it has a supernatural element. RiffRaff Games has announced its upcoming release Hand Confusiona “third-person card-slinging occul noir stealth sim” — just a bunch of words that really interest us.

Hand Confusion former undercover detective Lady Luck must track down and defeat her former coven. Yes, the interesting thing is that it is a woman the noir hero, and he comes to Steeple City with a cursed deck (necessary because he lost his left hand when he last saw his fellow witches). Each card has a unique ability, such as the Hex card that locks onto a hidden enemy and the Peekaboo card that makes them stand out. Another useful-sounding one is called the Chain Smoker card: it combines the fates of multiple enemies so that Lady Luck can use one card to stop them all.

The game also involves solving puzzles to access secret passages and interrogating coven members in hopes of reaching the leader. as a whole Hand Confusion Lady Luck puts herself in jeopardy for a very related reason: she has overdue debts and old debts to pay. Lady Luck is voiced by a familiar Debi Mae West Metal Gear SolidMeryl Silverburgh, and should announce its arrival on Steam and Game Pass for Xbox Series X|S and Windows PC within a day of 2025.

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